Journey of 1000 Miles Begins With the First Step...

January 2012

At age 18 I was told they thought I had PCOS.  The doctor said getting pregnant may be difficult, but there was medicine to help when the time came...

10 years later, the time has come.  My husband Darren and I got married in January 2010 and got off the pill a year later.  Things were exciting and fun at the thought that "this could be the month."  We decided to seek medical help in the summer if nothing worked. 

Our bright hope slowly began to fade dull as I didn't get regular periods and an unexpected mediocre sperm analysis came through.  By the time July rolled around, I was ready.  The "let's try for fun" was not fun anymore.  Since then I've experienced clomid, femera, provera, artificial insemnation, false ovulation positives, and we are still moving forward.  Darren and I are both fighters.  We will FIGHT for this.  We will PRAY for this.  We choose HOPE.

Follow the Benson's journey with the making of baby "ben"...

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