Just Pretend I'm Not Here, IUI #5

June 10, 2012

Yesterday I got the true surge so we went in today at 7:15 for IUI #5.

I was a little panicked because I already had the temp rise this morning, but the nurse told me to relax and that the egg lives 12-24 hours after being released.  Darren reminded me we are doing all we can do (ie, scheduling when the doctor says) but I can't help but wonder if an RE would be telling me something different.
Before leaving, I took a quick video clip of Darren telling the camera where we were headed, me saying this could be the day, and then a quick interview of me asking my cat if she is ready to be a big sister (angry meow was the response).  I saw this on Bill and Giallana (them filming before IVF talking to their future child).  It could be cool to have someday.  Then we left for Portland.
First off, we got there early so Darren was happy because he didn't feel rushed. He got an AMAZING sperm analysis!  98 MILLION!!  How we went from 6, 10, and 15? I'm not sure, but it was great.  Thank you Jesus.

The nurse was a true "Portlander" in her converse shoes and natural looking style.  She was a bit more aggressive than the last and really really shoved the spectrum around. She took her time and chatted up a storm.  Just get the things in lady!

Before she went in, she had Darren hold his "98 million" (as she termed it) under his arm to keep them warm.  Once she started I asked Darren if he was still holding my babies. Ha ha ha (crack myself up).

Darren joked that the nurse was "including him in the process" as she went in she said "just pretend I'm not here."

IUI's are not natural and they aren't sweet and it's not the result of lovemaking. I've had to work through some loss of intimacy and bitterness due to this route we have to take.  But today felt more natural with Darren by my side and us trying to pretend she wasn't there.

So that is that.  Now my third or fourth EVER two-week wait begins...
Me after IUI number #5
Here is Dar's AWESOME analysis!!  Wooo hooo!!!

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