Hot Tubs Kill Babies

June 12, 2012

There are sooo many oldwives tales, chinese herbs, advice, options, blogs, differing doctors, etc that drive a girl crazy.

I was super panicked because my temp rised the morning I got the IUI.  Here are the "responses" I've gotten:

1.  The infertility nurse that did the IUI said "you should still come in, the egg lives for up to 12 hours after spike."  She then told me not to read blogs but to trust the site/book "Taking Control of your Fertility."

2.  This site/book actually said that once you get the temp spike, its too late.

3.  So I emailed my own OBGYN and she said that yes, this second IUI was probably too late due to temp spike and recommended getting monitored next cycle.

4.  Then another nurse (that did IUI #1 this cycle) wrote me and said "Why are you temping?  The opk replaces that so don't stress." 

5.  Then, I crossed into forbidden google land.  Ranging from YOUR EGG IS DEAD (boo) to It could live up to 24 hours after spike, I'm more confused than ever.  One lady on a mommy want to be forum said she got pregnant the day her temp spiked and she got an IUI (yay!)

Insane how many different opinions.  I feel really disappointed from my doctor's email and can conclude that most experts think the spike is too late (while it did say a few experts think the day of is still good). 

One piece of advice is super true:  Avoid hot tubs at all costs.  For some reason Dar and I thought we just had to avoid them during ovulation window (we would go like once every 3 weeks) but he has been avoiding them completely, and it has greatly impacted count. 

Just get pregnant already!

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