Ay Ay Ay U Ay (Stories of the Artificially Inseminated)

June 8, 2012

So, I got another !$@Q$#$ smile face.  This one almost had a sneer to it though.  It was positive on CD 14, but when I retested in the SAME urine sample, it was negative.  This has happened to me before (I know you are not supposed to read the Clearblue OPK lines but I always do and they always match), this time, on the positive, there was a smear!

This forced me into the battle of "do I?" or "do I not?" in regards to IUI.  I didn't feel like I was ovulating just yet and usually I get 3 smileys in a row if it's "true." After talking with Darren and the doctor, we decided to go for it anyways, since this could be the surge and since I was going to be in Denver on CD 16 and 17. 

So, off to the fertility office we went to "do it" via a catheter.  The whole process is emotionally draining and I had this sick nervousness that we weren't even getting the IUI done at the right time.

The nurse said my cervix was wide open and that she can tell my body "wants" to be pregnant.  Duh!

The good news was Darren's sperm count has more than increased 50%.  He has been religiously avoiding hot tubs. She gave him a "nice job" on the sperm collection and Darren seemed proud.  This was the least painful/quickest one yet and the nurse was freakishly nice.  She reminded me of my grandma.

Of course, I kept ovulation testing in Denver.  My temp never went up so I knew that the potential half of our baby (ie egg) hadn't come down yet and the evil smileface had mislead me once again.

Today, (CD 18) I got a very very strong positive (2 smiles from same sample, and another smile an hour later) so we decided to head back to the doctor tomorrow.  My mind again starts racing because I'm not sure where I'm at on the surge and I don't want to be too late (my temp almost spikes the morning after positive OPK).  But, this is the fastest track to get the sperm to where the egg hangs out.  I'm too afraid that if we try naturally it won't get there in time OR that I'll freak the living daylights out of my sweet hubby that he won't be able to deliver. 

$200 a pop isn't bad compared to IVF, but so hard because it has to be timed just right.  Of course, a $400 bill at the end of the month isn't the most fun thing to pay, but we are READY.

I texted Darren and said, "Woo hoo, tomorrow we are going to get PREGNANT" and he liked my attitude.  I tend to be negative as to not get my hopes up.  Darren is really really positive which I love and thank God for.  Can you imagine if we were both worriers/panickers/the sky is fallingers?

So, the stories of the artificial inseminated continue...  Although this is going to be our 5th IUI (only 1 of the 4 actually timed right), I really think the timing is as close as we can get it....PLEASE LET THIS BE IT GOD!

Here is me, bright and early, after IUI #4 we did pre-Denver trip (too darn early)

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