Funny Stuff in the Storm

January 12, 2013

(Little update, no period at all. I was totally "siking" myself into believing it was coming.  It's all good though, I started a 10 day medicine to induce it and then enter the 7 week protocol.)

So, infertility is nasty.   Heartbreaking.  Hopeless at times.  Today I have spent the majority of the day mourning, crying, and praying.  It comes in waves of "I'm great" to "what the h e double hockey sticks just happened?"

But, in all things, there is humor. 

1. The morning on the way home from the doctor I texted the family and friends that knew that "today, confirmed by ultrasound, our sweet little babies went to live in heaven." My inbox was full of kind, loving messages of encouragement and support.

We always tease my mom for her bad text messaging skills. Her message read:

"Holly, I love those little babies so much. I will miss not getting to meet them down here! It makes heaven that much sweeter..knowing someday we will get to eet them."

EAT them?

I had to laugh a little through the tears.

2. Today I read a woman's blog who talked about some weird "good luck fertility" thing you do New Years Eve (WHY did I just find that 12 days late??).  To increase fertility all you do is wear red underwear and eat 12 grapes at midnight and then toss the underwear away the next day.  She went on to say that it was weird but at this point she would be willing to "sacrifice a calf" to get pregnant.  I actually had to agree.  Any one have a calf or red underwear I can borrow??

3.  Speaks for itself, my children will be flawless:
4.  I liked this one too.  Everyone has advice, but if the sperm is low and the ovaries crazy, thanks for your advice (grrrr)

5. No seriously, I need red underwear or a calf...and 12 grapes.


  1. Haha I loved this! #5 would have been good to know when the year began :)

  2. Hi :) My goodness, I'm not only a terrible blogger myself, I'm a terrible blogger friend. I actually have tried to leave a comment a couple times on my phone, but it never goes thru...grrr! Anyways, I'm so so excited for your next cycle...this IS it sweet girl! I have you on my mind and in my prayers and can't wait to hear more about this journey!! xoxo


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