Hot Chocolate and the Notary

February 9, 2013

Less than 1 month away from embryo transfer!  It still seems like it's so far into the unimaginable future, but in reality, 4 weeks is just 2, 2-week waits.  Perfect!! Ok, fine, that doesn't help.  A 2 week wait feels like 35 years, so I'm about 70 years from transfer day.  And then another 35 years waiting to see if the transfer worked.  Is it safe to say I think IVF junk is aging me? Sigh.

It was nice to see this last night (last birth control pill on protocol)

I have read so many mixed review on coffee and IVF.  I'm pretty sure a cup a day is okay (I usually get a tall Starbucks latte or make a small cup of home brewed) but I'm terrified to do ANYTHING to mess up this baby.  I've read several studies but just to know I did all I humanly possibly could, I stopped my love affair with Starbucks 3 days ago.  It hasn't been fun.  I'm not addicted, but I like the warm perk me up beverage early on my drive to work.  Instead I've been drinking heated chocolate milk.  Not quite the same kick but all for the love of the embryos.

The other "big event" this week was a legal document we had to get notarized.  It was basically giving OHSU permission from both parents (aka us, sounds weird "parents") to unthaw our little frozen embryos.  We had to acknowledge that they may not survive defrost (horrifying to think of), that they may not result in pregnancy (50% chance), and that I may have multiplies (bring it on!).  I felt kind of awkward at the credit union with the notary lady.  I mean, lets be honest, it's probably not everyday she notarizes the right to unfreeze babies.  Lol. 

Lastly, I'm a little torn in acupuncture land.  I've been getting treated weekly and it seems to help curb the nastiness of Lupron.  He told me to schedule an extra appointment with him on transfer day.  However, at OHSU they asked if I was going to have an acupuncturist come to the site to do it to me before and after the transfer at the hospital.  They then gave me a list of "traveling" dilemma is the same thing as the coffee.  I want to mentally do anything I can to up these chances.  But, the traveling acupuncturists are not paid by my insurance and it would be $250 opposed to me driving back to Washington to my regular guy at $15.  Anyone have any thoughts on this or do acupuncture during IVF treatment??  HELP!

Oh, also, someone had posted this heart-melting video (click link to see) of the most peaceful newborn ever.  I showed my sister and she thought it was funny/silly but I think infertiles might view it a big different.  It tugs a bit.  So so beautiful.

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