Mrs. Loopy on Lupron

February 3, 2013

I have done TWO injections so far and honestly, I haven't felt a thing of side effects (knock on wood).  Minus the emotional aspect, Lupron wasn't too hard on me last time, I just got a non-stop headache for a few days.  Picture on the left is DAY ONE! 

I did warn the co-workers that I might be a little lupey loopy at work.  One even wrote it in her planner...

On day 1 of the injections, it felt surreal.  I said to Darren, "I can't believe we are doing this again."  Then the words echoed:  We are doing this again.  We are doing this againOMG WE ARE DOING THIS AGAIN!!! I actually felt excited!  Me injecting myself means that the date is getting closer.  I have a 50% shot (I guess I shouldn't use that word because of all the use of injections) chance which is SO much higher than IUIs and us on our own.  We are doing this again!!!  Please, God, show us your glory.  Answer our prayers.  Protect our frozen embryos.  And please comfort and encourage all women who read this blog who are struggling with IF.

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  1. omg that stuff made me a stark raving lunatic when i had to take it years back for something else. when they RE told me i would have to take it, i think i came out of my chair, grabbed him by the shirt collar and breathed fire right into his face. HAHA! THANKFULLY only had to endure 5 days of it this time and didn't notice much of a change. hopefully you won't either. Still praying every day for you!!!!


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