BLOOD, Sweat, and Tears

March 4, 2013

Part of the "perks" of having a secret infertility blog is that I have a space to VENT.

Last night we did our second PIO injection (when my mom saw it she said "Holly that looks like a small nail).  All was good until Darren pulled it out.  Blood GUSHED out.  I mean, like I had to catch it with my hand and it soaked up 2 cotton balls.  It didn't hurt (although I feel a bruise coming on), it was just dramatic to see blood shooting out.  My RE assured me I didn't lose any oil and probably just hit a blood vessel.  But it was freaky! I felt bad for myself (I know, get over the self pity party) Ok, vent over.

I talked with the embryologist today and got some good info:

1.  What are the survival rates of embryo dethaw at OHSU?
90-95%!  This made me happy because I read 60% and 80% online at other places

2.  What are the grading/quality of embryos I have left?
4AA, 4AB, 3AA, 3AB :  I didn't realize I have a "perfect" one frozen.  Go team 4AA!!
Want more info on what this lingo means?  This link explains embryo grading:

3.  If the embryo's thaw perfectly, are they "equal" to a fresh cycle transfer?No, because of all the stuff they have to go through, success rates are slightly lower (this part made me feel sad, I was on a roll). 

People at church gathered around and prayed. for us.  We have done all we can, it's totally in His hands. (I have to keep reminding myself this)


  1. Hi Holly! I stumbled across your blog on Pinterest a few days ago. I am normally not a "blog reader" but yours caught my eye because of your title. I have a secret board on Pinterest titled the same...Oh baby, baby!

    My husband and I have been ttc for going on 4 years now. We have done IUI twice and IVF twice...the first IVF resulted in an early miscarriage. We will be doing our 3rd and final IVF in a few short months (it can't get here soon enough). As I read this post, I could honestly feel every word you were saying. From the PIO shots, to the busted blood vessel, to it being 100% in His hands. Our RE told us recently they are seeing higher success rates now in frozen transfers simply because the woman's body is not hopped up on all the hormones and they have better control over the lining. So continue the roll you are on ha!

    I don't know you from Adam, but from one hopeful momma to another, I pray for a miracle (or 3) for you and your husband.

    H- have
    O- only
    P- positive
    E- expectations

    1. Thank you for the prayers!! I'll cross my fingers the FET is better, and say a prayer for you too!!

  2. just came across your blog on pinterest as in the middle of bcp for our first ivf cycle. ive read and cried, and cried and read alot of what youve written and i really appreciate you sharing your story. i will def be following your story from now on :)

    i have always had regular periods and never really had any problems. all of the tests on us have come back fine...we have the dreaded unexplained diagnosis. i have never wanted something to be wrong with me so bad....cause in my mind, if there was something wrong, it could be fixed :) we have been married for 9 years next month...ive been off the pill for at least 5 years now....i cant even remember anymore! weve done 3 rounds of clomid, and 4 IUI's with clomid and trigger shots.

    we are hoping for retrival and transfer the second week of april :)

    1. Hi Ashley!

      Woo hoo! You are right behind us with IVF. I think unexplained is the MOST frustrating. I'm so sorry to hear it. I'm sure you've heard this, but the IUI success rate is only like 15%. IVF is much higher; although it's not a fun process, it's bearable and hopefully worth it!! Keep me posted on your end and let me know if you ever have any IVF questions!! It's exciting :)

    2. i am clinic has a 60% success im hopeful!

  3. You poor thing :(( That's terrible!! It will all be worth it here very shortly :) Yay for the good results on frozen embies, and even a BIGGER YAYYAYY for the 4AA, that's good stuff right there!! I still have you in my prayers :) xoxo


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