Pumpkin Noodles

March 11, 2013

Back in November when we did our first IVF I made an online blogger friend who had gone through the same clinic. 

She was incredibly empathetic and could sooo relate to the horror of the "two week wait."  A friend sent here a flannel heart with 2 little hearts sewn inside.  It gave her something to remember/hold on to during during the wait knowing the 2 (or however many) embryos were there.

She makes these little fabric hearts called Pumpkin Noodles, here is her website :
or facebook:

Stitched inside are 2 little hearts that represent the embryos.  In November I carried the embryos for 8 weeks and during that time didn't know if they would make it or not.  I wore this "pumpkin noodle" in my shirt, pressed against my chest.  It was a reminder they were there.

This is an awesome/thoughtful gift for anyone you know going through fertility treatments. It's a sweet reminder of the growing child or what could have been.

I kept my original and pulled it out for this cycle.  I have it out on our table.  I'll probably carry it again if I'm pregnant.  It's so sweet.

I don't even have a full 2 week wait but it is really really hard when you know the exact moment embryos entered your uterus.  With IUIs/trying naturally I knew I had ovulated sometime around a date give or take 48 hours. But now, I know.  No doubt.  I will know the answer in 7 days.  I couldn't sleep last night.  I know this is a good time to trust God, but my mind is so crazy.  I'm scared/excited if I have cramps.  I scared/excited if I don't.  Why doesn't my chest hurt? I have a leg cramp...this happened last time.  I don't feel different.  Do I?  When could I test? They told me not to.  What if I do and it's positive????  What if I do and it's negative?  What if it's too early?  My mind runs.

Father, I trust you.  I give you this.  You hold our lives in your hands.  You hold their lives.  No matter how much bed rest, pineapple core, and prenatals I eat, it really really really boils down to your will.  Give us strength to make it through the week.  I ask that you protect the little lives in me and that you let them stay with us. Give us strength to accept your answer.


  1. These are such a cute idea! Remember your last post when you start to get anxious. Just say 'Jesus' and give it to him. You have done your part and now it is all in his hand. I know it is hard to do in these situations but it's his now. Sending you lots of love and prayers this week!

  2. I love this idea! It truly is so thoughtful! As always I'm constantly praying for you. You so badly deserve the gift of a child (or two ;)) and I know you will be an amazing mother. I'm so grateful I've met you and want you to know I'm praying and thinking about you!! Xox


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