Fun and Funny Updates

September 25, 2013

My husband always uses the phrase "fun and funny" (usually when describing himself) and I thought it would be a good title for the last week and a half.


1.  We went to Red Robin with my parents and grandparents (first time grandparents got to see my little bump) and Dad, trying to be funny as usual, points to my stomach and asks "Who did this to you?" in a mad/disgusted tone.  I instantly replied "His name is Dr. Patton and there were five people in the room when we conceived."

2.  One of my favorite childhood friends and I met up and she grabs my stomach and says "Holly this is the fattest I've ever seen you" and I felt like it was the best compliment in the world.

3.  Another friend said "I can't even notice" and I felt a wave of sad (I think in a normal world it's a compliment.)

4.  The wrestling coach at my work is super cool an knew we were doing IVF this summer.  He popped in to ask if it worked.  As I told him YES I realized my face was massively turning red?!?  For some reason I felt all shy about it!  Same thing happened when my an old student found out.  What that's about?

1.  An old student at work asked if I was pregnant!! She didn't have the guts to ask me but asked the volleyball coach.  I gave her a prize; I'm carrying around a Starbucks card to give to the first stranger that has the guts to ask me.  All the 3rd year Spanish students I had last year know;  and I keep getting hugs and visits to my room.  HOWEVER, my current students don't know...or haven't asked. 

2.  I went in yesterday for down syndrome screening and the tech was pretty confident in the genders.  She said it was too early to be sure (13 weeks 1 day) but said she would give me her predictions.  She zoomed in between each of their little legs and explained her theory on team pink, on team blue, or on both!  I won't share what she predicted because my big "reveal" is on my 30th bday party and some friends/fam check in on my blog!  But it felt amazing to think MAYBE I know!  I'm dying.  PS-down syndrome clear.

3.  Our Halloween Costumes:  We will add an "s" to Darren's apron


  1. We were thinking of the same costume, but making one!! Can't wait to see how yours turns out!!

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  3. haha. I am in love with that costume. I am ready for your birthday to find out what the little rolls/muffins/cupcakes are!

  4. So freaking excited for you guys! My best friend did IUI with injectables and is having twins in April!(due in may) WOOHOOO

  5. my friends made the bakers costumes last year and it was so cute!


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