Un-Beautiful Cervical Mucus

September 17, 2012

Since I have been ovulating since April and since I went the extra mile to take the HCG shot, I hardly forgot that I even had my 7dpo test done Saturday.  My progesterone levels since femera have ranged from 15-48; all great indicators I've ovulated.  I usually call in the next morning to get results because I'm so anxious, but this time, since it's worked for so long, I didn't even think about calling.  For once I didn't obsess or worry about it.  The only thing I thought was a little off was the nurse didn't mention anything about nice-looking cervical mucus this time, but she was super quiet in general.

I got an email today.  My level was a FIVE.  After frantically googling this, 5 is the lowest it can be to mean I did have ovulation, but it's by no means a good sign.  The nurses note read:

This does show ovulation, but fairly low level hormone produced. Dr
Foster should have also received this and should advise on what next.

I almost couldn't beleive it.  I felt like I ovulated.  My nipples are on FIRE like they are every other ovulatory cycle?  I did have lots of EWCM two days later and we "did it."  I'm hopefuly I just ovulated a bit later because there were THREE eggs on the ultrasound. 

But I'm super freaked out because the HCG shot didn't work.  It is supposed to force all the grown eggs out.  This EXACT shot it what they use for the last step in IVF.  Scary.

I'm a little confused with exactly what God wants from me.  We have had either bad timing, low sperm count, or no ovulation each IUI.  Is it a sign that he wants us to let it all go?  Only purse adoption?  Or is it a gentle reasuurance that IVF is the next step, and to move forward with confidence?

I had acupuncture today.  As I laid there and prayed, all I could hear was "Be still."  I know I did what I could do this cycle, the rest is in His hands and out of my control.  I feel a little numb about it all as I feel like our last hope in the IUI has just become a very very long shot.  But I know He is good and I trust that too.  I know He has already selected the "when" I just have to choose to trust that and move forward.

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