"Like a Drum, Baby Don't Stop Beating..."

August 9, 2013

Today we got to see the fetal pole.  Last night I couldn't sleep.  I felt really queasy.  Dreams of blood.  Dreams of twins.  Flashbacks of last time. 

This morning went smooth.  There was a beat or two....I'll keep you posted later.  The beat was strong but we got a ways to go. 132 ish.

Week of Gestation Percentage Likelihood
of Miscarriage
1-2 (You do not know you are pregnant)75% (this includes eggs that never grow past fertilization, and it would have been impossible to know you were pregnant; after implantation, which occurs 7-10 days after ovulation, the odds go down to 31%)2
3-610% (after home urine test is positive at 14 days post ovulation when hCG levels reach 50-80)2
6-12 5% (or less if heartbeat heard)

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  1. YES! I'm so happy. Praying often that this is IT. Lord knows you've been through enough, I'm beyond thankful for this update!



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