August 9, 2012, 5:42 a.m.

It is so crazy that after all this time the emotions a smiley face on a clear blue ovulation test can bring me.  It's hope.  Crazy hope.  Deep hope.  I've said it before but when I get the smiley, I initially feel as excited as some women who get a positive pregnancy test the first try (at least I'm getting SOMETHING positive).

I'm so nervous because Kaiser isn't the "best" of insurance companies and they only have 3 time frames today (people schedule the day before) so I'm no guaranteed to get in today.  Usually they have you go in the next 24 after positive opk, but my temp ALWAYS jumps by then.  I've convinced my doctor to let me try to get in the morning of postive opk...she said I could try but it's not guaranteed. 

On top of this, I think Darren and I may have timed it right with sperm count (it's been 5 days in hopes of building it up).

If Doctor Seuss was alive, I really think he could make money in the infertile world with a book called CATCH THAT EGG!

Crossing my fingers I get in.  Praying that God does a miracle.  Prepared for the worst (coping mechanism of course).

This is a 30 second clip and I LOVE IT!! I am SO showing this to announce a pregnancy if it happens :)


  1. you are so funny. i am going to be walking around today with "CATCH THAT EGG" playing over and over in my head. ha

    btw- we were told that building up is not good. we have always been advised that 48 hours tops is the amount of time needed to regenerate sperm. not trying to tell you what to do or give advice, esp. if that is what your doctor suggests.

  2. Shannon, I have CATCH THAT EGG playing over in my head too! I'm serious! I should write a book ;)

    Oh man all the REs and doctors at Kaiser tell me different things. Darren has low sperm count and last time I did a trigger shot and we had sex 36 hours before and his count was only 1.5 million! Today it had been 4 days and his count was 9.5 with high motility. I have heard that too though that every other day should be good. It's such a dumb math equation!! Hopefully we figure it out! Catch that egg!


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