Maybe in the Future...

August 5, 2012

So I'm in that I-hope-I-ovulate-and-time-IUI-right zone.  I start opk testing day 10 and have ovulated as early as day 13, as late as day 25, and sometimes never.  Even though Femera 7.5 hasn't done me wrong yet, I always get a little nervous (and I'm freaking myself out I may have randomly missed 1 pill??).  Today is only day 12 so no need to panic.

In the meantime as I try to force myself into "positive thinking" I'm going to do a little maybe in the future dreaming.  I follow another mom-to-be's blog named Jen and she gave me this idea.  I'm' a Pinterest lover and I pulled these images from my boards to dream the what if....

First off, I love this picture!!  It tells the quick journey and is so precious.  I'm doing it!

I'm obsessed with gray and pink (girl) or gray and jungle green (boy).  I love this simple nursery so much.  I just painted our "guest room" grey with a little hope that it won't be a guest room much longer and that I'll be one step ahead of the game in nursery decoration ;)

Okay, isn't this creative?  Turn an old dresser into an adorable kid room dresser?  I love the baskets on the sides. 

EARS!!!  I think babies in ears are the cutest thing EVER!!  My little sister just registered for a fox ear beanie for my future nephew and it's precious.  My child shall wear the ears!

This picture speaks for itself.  SO DANG TRUE.  I might dedicate a whole wall to have this saying on it!

Future baby, I love you so much already.  I can imagine our lives with you.  I know that there will be challenges and sacrifices, but you are so worth it.  Know that you are so loved and so, so, so deeply desired.  Hope to meet you soon.

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