August 1, 2012

Today was the big HSG test.  85% of the "horror" was just the fear and the waiting for this day to come.  I felt like I was going to have a panic attack this morning (I've spent waaaay  to much google time on "what to expect" and read waaaaay too many bad stories).

My sister came with me but wasn't allowed in the room due to the radiology.  I was freaked when I walked into the room (it looked kind of like MRI).  For some reason, I thought it would be a normal ultrasound where they rub gel on stomach...didn't realize it was a full blown x-ray.

The technician that brought me back was my age and really nice, but I started crying sitting on the table waiting.

I could not have asked for a nicer man than the one that did the procedure.  He went into detail about what he was going to do (it's basically the same route as an IUI but the catheter has a little balloon they blow up to hold the tube in place). 

I could tell the doctor was a Christian and he was soo kind.  He constantly asked if I was okay, if anything hurt, if he was going too fast, etc.  My favorite part was anytime he had to look "down south" he would actually say "excuse me."  Hilarious considering I feel like that has become public property these days.  He tried to use humor and told me he met his wife in med school and at one point she forced him to sit in the "stir-ups" just to see how it felt (he didn't use them today). 

I had worked it up in my mind but the worst part was just the speculum coming in.  After that, I hardly felt a thing (didn't feel the dye at all).

We all watched the dye spill from my left fallopian tube and had to wait a bit for the right one to spill.  He said they were both open but the left was obviously clearer. 

This image isn't mine but it's similar to what we watched on screen.

He wished me luck and said God bless. 

Though uncomfortable, I'm so glad to have gotten this over with.  We now will proceed our next (last) 2 IUIs with clean and clear tubes (hopefully the dye moved out any blockage) and keep our fingers crossed and faith high.

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  1. I got myself all worked up too and it ended up being fairly painless. I think the doctor being AMAZING helped too. I could not ask for a nicer group of docs and nurses at my clinic. It really helps!! Glad the HSG went well for you! Now on to more important things!! :)


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