New Mantra: Be the Bloat

November 3, 2012

Got a call from the nurse yesterday (day 3) saying that ALL TWENTY are still in the running and that they want to push them all to blastocyst (day 5 or 6).  This is great and scary.  Great because they can identify the "better" embryos at this level and great because my clinic doesn't freeze unless they hit blastocyst.  Scary part is many don't make it that far (I read 40%) but the risk of none is a possibility.  As I said from the beginning is my prayer is ONE (or happily two) healthy babies with frozen "siblings" so I NEVER have to go through all the stims and egg retrieval again.  I'm really hoping tomorrow is delivery day (day 5).  They will call me in the morning.

On a positive note, I feel good today and today is day 6 after the HCG trigger shot.  My RE told me that the severe OHSS usually kicks in 4-6 days after the shot.  The nurse told me that she thinks I'm "out of the woods" but it's no guaranteed.  However, my fears of looking 4 months pregnant and getting liquid drained and throwing up and freezing all embryos is quickly fading.

BUT, this doesn't mean I don't experience mild-moderate symptoms of OHSS.  Most patients get some form of it and when you have E2 levels the way I do and the amount of follicles I had removed (24), I was prepared for symptoms.  I mean my ovaries and freakishly large right now and I have been putting all kinds of crazy medicine into by body since beginning of October.

The worst has been this crazy bloat.  I'm not complaining.  I'm thankful that I most likely have been miraculously protected from real OHSS, but I'm talking about reality here.  The bloat hit bad about day 3.  It felt like a miniature hard ball was in the pit of my stomach.  There were hours where I couldn't stand up straight.  I had to sleep with a heating pad to ease it all.  Not not mention, NOBODY warns you about the insane constipation that follows.  I'm sorry, its TMI, but you need to know!  :)  I go to the bathroom a ton and it's never been an issue.  Ever.  But between the yucky self-injected enema to the surgery to the pain meds, that has played a HUGE role in me not going #2, like at all!!  The first two days I was fine but by yesterday I was getting nervous.  Not to mention that the "bloat" was getting more and more painful.  Finally my sister gave me some left over stool softeners, I drank a tall ice coffee this morning, and I prayed like crazy (yes, God cares about EVERYTHING), I finally went.  Thank goodness!

A friend that has gone through a couple IVF treatments warned me and said "out of everything, the bloating was the worst for me." She even bought larger clothes and borrowed maternity pants!  I (like the other side effects) thought all the stims would make me bloated but didn't learn till recently it happens after egg retrieval.  I emailed her 2 days ago to ask how long it lasted and she said that during that time her new mantra was "Be the Bloat."  Ha ha ha.  I love it.

So, as I wait for my little babies to divide cells, as I pray that angels guard them and that God Himself hand selects the 2 embryos He wants in my body in this time, I embrace my new situation because it leads to dreams coming true and I "Be the Bloat."


  1. The bloat is miserable! I have to wear my husbands pants for a whole month after and not to mention the weight gain. I gained 20 pounds. I'm so excited for your 20 embryo babies! God is good!

  2. Wow girl 24 eggs?!?! 20 fertilized?!?!?! You are one blessed lady!
    I'm so happy for you and that things have gone just so well for you! I"m standing with you in faith that you are one pregnant momma right now!!!

    In my two IVF cycles I STILL don't have 20 to fertilize! I really think this IVF couldn't have gone more picture-perfect for you two, and am confident you will soon feel your tummy grow for other (more fun!) reasons than bloat!

    Until then, wear stretchy yoga pants and prepare for the blessing(S)!


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