The Holy (Bad Word) Shot

November 1, 2012

Today was the day we started the dreaded progesterone in oil shots.  During egg retrieval, the nurse drew 2 big "landing pads" for us with a sharpie.
Today, I googled several "ideas" and "techniques."  I basically found that putting ice on butt 60 seconds before numbs up area (some people said this is bad as it messes with the oil), to heat oil to room temp (I just wrapped it in heating pad for a bit), to dart in and release medicine slowly.  I was nervous but had a "let's do this" attitude as this symbolizes the more downhill part of the journey.  Not to mention, in my opinion this is one of the most important shots as it helps keep my uterus lining thick and welcoming for the little embryos that will be joining. I choose the fattest part in the landing zone and was able to stick the needle in myself.  It took awhile but Darren was freaking me out because he was nervous because he "hadn't practiced." It was painless!  I almost was scared I did it wrong?  Darren did the "check for blood" pull up check and then slowly put the oil in.  DONE!

Here's a pic of my pinkie with the needle.  It's about 1.5 inches.

Unless I get OHSS (which I know is HORRIBLE), I'm starting to realize so much of the "horror" of IVF is the dread and unknown and emotions involved.  Sure, the injections are annoying, but they weren't the end of the world.  I was terrified of the egg retrieval and once it started, I relaxed.  Emotions are tricky because we put our body through poison and hell and torture all for the love of a baby that's not promised at the end.  The recovery from egg retrieval has been bumpy, but I can handle stomach ache and mild bloating...the constipation is getting old (and creepy) but it's not forever.

So far the worst part of all of this has been fearing/dreading next step and the "waiting" to see if I get OHSS.  The Dr. said if I get it, it will most likely hit 6 days after trigger shot which would be Saturday!

I made it to work today and just sat at a table and explained to the students I wasn't feeling well, that I had had "stomach" surgery and that I was just going to teach sitting down.  I jokingly asked if anyone would be willing to carry me to my computer and a student said "I volunteer as tribute."  Lol.  I love teenagers!

Out of all the links/videos, I found this one most useful for "how to" with the progesterone in oil shot:



  1. Yay!! I'm so glad you found me :) I had been searching for people going through IVF at my stage and finally just gave up! We are certainly very close! I was just about to put up a new post on my blog with my numbers. They retrieved 21 eggs, but only 10 fertilized. I'm ok with that, I had low expectations b/c of my low AMH junk. Your numbers sound great! Can't wait to hear how everything else goes for you. Girl, you are better than me, I could NOT do those shots. I chose suppositories 3x/day which is fine by me. Anyways, I will certainly pray for you and I'm gonna be stalking you now ;)

    1. Amy!! crazy we are right here together!! The shots are freaky but really don't hurt. I was actually scared of the depositories (my clinic didn't even give me an option though). I prayed for you last night!! When is your transfer?


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