29 Candles, 1 Pink, 1 Blue Left

October 23, 2012

It's been a busy few days since my last blog with all kinds of action.

I got the blood work back from the RE on Friday and they said it was a "go" to start the stims.  I oddly LOVE the Follistem pen.  I look forward to waking up early and injecting it.  It's really easy to do and I know that this is one of the big guns.  I also started the menopur viles at night.  We had a slight panic because the pharmacy didn't give me the needles I needed to inject them!  Since you have to mix powder with the solution, you need a huge needle to mix it all, and then a smaller to inject.  The pharmacy was closed so I went to Target.  They gave me a HUGE needle and we ended up having to use it on Saturday.  It hurt but I held it together.  It stung but I held that part together too.  We rushed the shots in at 7:oo pm then off we went to a Halloween/1 year old bday for my old roommates daughter.  I was little red riding hood and Darren was the big bad wolf:

Sunday I turned the big 29. It was fun.  We went to church and then shopping and then came back at 4:00 for a "family" birthday.  Ryker (my new nephew) experienced his first bday party!  You know the "rumor" or "old wives's tale" about how ever many candles left that you try to blow out means how many children you will have (or boyfriends in other versions)?  I had 1 pink and 1 blue left.  Oh how AWESOME would that be??  I think it's every IVF patients dream to have a girl and a boy because first off, it's 2 for 1, and second, you know you are guaranteed to raise both genders?  However, I'm not even "praying" for twins.  My prayer is one healthy baby which would be thrilling but deep down, the twins would be crazy!  I'll take what God gives me and cherish him/her/them to death anyway.  During the celebrations I had to sneak home to my secret "medical office" of NEEDLES for the nightly injections.  It's so weird to be keeping this a secret.  I just said I had to change and I did but I also did this:

Monday, I got a massage from the chattiest lady in the world!! What ever happened to relaxation?  I knew sooo much about her personal life by the end (and 3 husbands) it wasn't even funny.  She works where I get acupuncture so she knew I'm doing IVF.  She started off by saying:

Lady: "Do you have any kids of your own already?"
Me: "Nope."
Lady: "Do your sibling's have kids?"
Me: "Yep.  Younger sister just had a baby boy 3 weeks ago."
Lady: "Oh wow, that must have been really hard."

WOW!!  Not only do I want a quiet massage, did she really have to twist the knife that I have long ago pulled out?  All this to say, I'm not going to her again!

Today, Tuesday, I had to go in for my second monitoring.  I had to wait a lot longer.  The bloodwork went fine (needles are child's play these days) and my RE before "going in" said, since it's only day 4 of stimming there won't be much to see.  He then followed it with a "Wow, you win the reward for the best response of the day!  You have a ton of eggs!" then "there is a huge sist, did the other RE see this?" to "don't be surprised if we lower your medication dosage" and that was that.  I was with him about 4 minutes.  They call in the afternoon and they are going to lower my follistim a bit so I don't get overstimulated.  Okay.

Praise the Lord, the crazy side effects I've read and hurt about haven't kicked it.  No crazy bruises.  No long stinging shots.  I have turned into to the wicked witch of the west.  Actually, naturally when I would be feeling angry I feel sad and that has gone up a bit.  At the mall Victoria Secret wouldn't let me return underwear I got online and I started crying!  he he.  I've just had headaches, which I can survive with.

I'm in the heat of the treatment, I'm scared of the egg retrieval but at least I'm close!  Come on November!

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  1. The pen is a TON easier than the needles and having to draw it yourself and stuff.
    Can you imagine being a junkie?? ugh..no thanks! Good luck! Still praying!


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