Go to Sleep, Go to Sleep, Go to Sleep Little Ovaries...

October 19, 2012

So today marks day 12 of Lupron injections.  These are the ones that are supposed to put my ovaries to sleep. 

Last night was the first time it really hurt.  For so reason, the needle wouldn't go in.  Today, was my first "ultrasound" with the RE at OHSU.  They were checking to make sure Lupron was doing its job and had basically shut down my ovaries.  If it had, tomorrow I would start the stem injections.

The trip was short and sweet.  I get a little nervous driving to Portland, but it was fine.  They took my blood and the ultrasound was done in 4 minutes.  Dr. Lee shook my hand, said nice to meet you again, and then got to work. 

He said things looked good but there is one big follicle on the left ovary.  He said we will have to wait till blood test results come in.  The big follicle could be left over sack from last cycle...or it means one follicle overpowered the evil Lupron injections and that that one follicle could mess up the process of calming the hormones.

As far as I understand, worse casanerio is I keep doing Lupron a bit longer and don't start stemming till a bit later...meaning everything will just take a little longer.  He said that the bloodwork will tell him if it's a new follicle trying to ruin my plans or if its a left over.  I'm hoping for left over because that means I can start the scaryier three times a day shots tomorrow and get this show on the freaking exciting road.

It blows my mind how "Time" works.  When I'm on vacation, like our honeymoon for example, 7 days felt like the snap of a finger.  Between Darren's financial scare and waiting till mid-November when IVF is done and we know POSITIVE (please God) or Negative, seems like a billion years from now.  Days feel like weeks.  Waiting oh how I hate you.

On a funnier note, this weekend I turn 29.  We were out to eat with Darren's family and they all thought this was going to be my 30th.  I was so shocked and offended (not really) that they thought I was going to be THIRTY and I was kind of ranting about it on the way home.  Darren laughed as was like, it's not that far off, one year.  Very true point.  In the meantime though I'm embracing the 20's and hoping this is the best year yet in them.

Lastly, I read a fellow bloggers post and had to share what she wrote.  She said she is praying for 3 things:

1.  To get pregnant.
2. For God's will.
3. For the 2 above desires to finally be the same.

I LOVE this and am praying it too.

Yesterday during acupuncture, he asked "how are you doing?"  Honestly, I don't think there is a moment in the day, even in my dreams, when I'm not thinking about or hoping for the current and up coming treatment.  I've used this image before, but it is SO accurate.  All I can think is baby.  I'm trying to turn worries to prayers, fears to hopes, but none the less, it's still baby.

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  1. I had a large follicle when I went to my first ultra sound as well. It was 18mm! My blood worked showed good though and they continued with stims, but it did mean we got to do the retrieval early. Hopefully that will be the case for you! The shots will get harder and harder to give yourself the farther a long you get because your stomach is so sensitive but it will be so worth it and just remember it is a few days that will seem like nothing in the end of it.


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