Shoot Me UP

October 8, 2012

Today Darren and I took the class at OHSU this morning on how to shoot me up.  It was a bit overwhelming walking into the room and seeing needles, viles, powders, fake skin rubber ball things, etc.  The nurse was super nice and we both feel READY.

Oddly enough I feel really happy today.  I'm ready.  I'm praying so hard (and appreciate ALL prayers) that this season, this time, God "remembers me" (as prayed by Hannah, Rachel, and Sarah in the Bible).  I realize despite my efforts the decision and timing remain in His hands.  I'm hoping that this IS HIS timing.  November.

Darren on the other hand is really squeamish and nervous about shots.  He asked if its best to go fast or slow.  He carried my Lupron Kit around.  He looked good with the needles.

Here is a pic of us with our first shot kit!  Again, I can't believe I even thought ONE ovidrel shot was a big deal.  Sigh. 

Darren's scared!                                                                                                    I'm HAPPPPPPPPY


  1. Best of luck and I will be praying for a postive test in November!!

  2. praying so hard for you guys!!!!!


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My Bucket List: