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October 2, 2012

Crazy how fast things change.  Still waiting on Darren's news...

I got a random call from my normal OBGYN's office this morning.

My pap smear from 2 weeks ago was abnormal.

I forsure carry the HPV virus.

The nurse assured me that 3 out of 4 women carry the virus.  Since they saw "imflamation" there too, they want to do further tests.

They want me to come in November 4th.  They tell me to delay IVF till I get the results.

I beg to let ANY OBGYN to get me in sooner.  There is one open.  Today.

The nurse tells me it will basically feel like a pap smear but its called a "Colposcopy."

I went in, not worried, more annoyed about this delaying IVF. 

But when they took me in the "room" it was different.  It was way more sciency looking.

No one warned me, but this procedure involves FREAKING CUTTING out parts of the cervix to test.

It was a biopsy.

I could hear the snips.  It was worse than HSG.  My legs were shaking after.

I get a call Monday.  If it's clear (which I'm expecting it to be), I can proceed with IVF.

BUT, they said some IVF doctors like to delay treatments a month just to let cervix heal from the cuts.

Back to waiting land where fears become nightmares.


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