IVF Becoming Reality

October 1, 2012

Went back to OHSU for the last of our "pre" tests.  I had to have a trial transfer and something that counts my possible egg growth.

I was nervous, but excited.  It was almost pain free.  The only real concern was the Dr. said my cervix is a little tricky to get to and isn't centered.  It took him a while to get in where he would drop the embryos.  He said it wasn't anything to worry about. 

In the meantime, Darren was giving a sperm sample as a backup to freeze, just in case.  He said the collection room was incredibly goofy because there was a weired painting of a naked woman on the wall.  LOL. 

I got the call in the afternoon for my "protocol."  It will actually take a little longer than I thought.

I continue on birth control till the 13th

Next week I start Lupron injections to "calm" the ovaries.

About 2 weeks later I start the "stems" FSH and Monopur? 

They start monitoring around the 19th.

If everything goes smoothly, they predict Egg retrieval to be between October 28 and Nov 2....

I thought my insurance would pay 50% but they only cover if its for and IUI.  So, it looks like the meds will be about $2600 additional.  It's okay though.

Still waiting on Darren's end of things...should know Friday.  If financially we are sound, we will start shots MONDAY.  This is becoming really real.

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